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IROB ANINA CIVIL SOCIETY (IACS) is a nonprofit certified in #Canada and operating globally. One of our objectives is advocating for Irob minority in particular and Tigray in general.

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Saturday, May 14th, 2022 - Tweet for #Irob #Tigray

1.Many of the Tigrayans that were arrested in the ethnic-based mass arrests of Tigrayans by @PMEthiopia's regime are still languishing in detentions without charges. Sr Lemlem Gidey, a #Catholic nun from the #UrsulineSisters in #Kobo, is one of them. @hrw @USCCB @StateDept @UN_HRC


2. Sr Lemlem Gidey was arrested on Dec 31, 2021 by the security forces in #Kobo, currently Amhara Region in Ethiopia, where she was managing #UrsulineSisters #Catholic Primary Hospital b/c she is a Tigrayan from #Irob. She is still detained in #Weldiya ~40 km from Kobo. @cnalive


3. When the #TDF first approached Kobo last year, some schools & clinics/hospitals stopped services & the staff moved to #Weldiya. The #UrsulineSisters, however, decided to stay & continue providing services to the local people they serve. @Catholicnewssvc


4.After the #TDF withdrew from the Amhara region, the #UrsulineSisters in Kobo again continued their services. When Ethiopian regime forces and militias moved back into Kobo & the regime forces arrested Sr Lemlem Gidey along other civilians of Tigrayan ethnicity. @VaticanNews @hrw


5. After the regime forces detained Sr Lemlem without charges for months, they are now 'accusing' her of allowing the #TDF members to be treated at the hospital she was managing in #Kobo. @hrw @UNHumanRights @StateDept @eu_echo @eu_eeas


6. Reliable sources are now reporting that the regime forces are asking Sr Lemlem Gidey to accept guilt for allowing the treatment of #TDF members at the hospital. Her statement that her faith & #IHL don't allow denying medical treatment .. @hrw @UNHumanRights @StateDept @eu_echo


7. based on ethnicity or any other grounds or any other grounds has not been acceptable to the regime forces. It's also alarming that the #CatholicChurch of #Ethiopia is not advocating for her release. @hrw @UNHumanRights @Pontifex @USCCB @CCCB_CECC @VaticanNews @CatholicNewsSvc


8. Still worse, Bishop #Lesanechristos of #BahirDar Eparchy that includes #Kobo & other #Wollo areas is reportedly suggesting/pushing Sr Lemlem Gidey should accept her 'guilt'. This is another troubling sign that ... @Pontifex @USCCB @CCCB_CECC @VaticanNews @CatholicNewsSvc 


9. the leaders of the #CatholicChurch of #Ethiopia led by Cardinal #Berhaneyesus is either supportive of the #WarOnTigray or staying indifferent to the injustices to Tigrayans including to their staff members and employees. @Pontifex @USCCB @CCCB_CECC @VaticanNews @CatholicNewsSvc


10. It is remembered many Catholic priests & nuns of Tigrayan ethnicity were arrested in Tigrayan mass arrests by the genocidal regime of @PMEthiopia  and released later after broad media coverage & advocacy. The #CatholicChurch of Ethiopia has been quiet during then or after. @Pontifex


11. Sr Lemlem Gidey has been detained for so long for no crime other than her Tigrayan ethnicity & we call for her immediate release. The IC must take concrete actions against the genocidal regime of Ethiopia to releases 10,000s Tigrayans still detained. @hrw @StateDept @eu_echo @UN


12. Sister Lemlem Gidey, a woman who has spent her whole life serving the sick and vulnerable has been detained for being Tigrayan. Their claim is that she assisted a wounded TDF member (which in a sane place would have been a humanitarian obligation). Let’s demand her release.


Friday, March 18th, 2022 - Tweet for #Irob #Tigray

1. The #Eritrean army continues to occupy #Irob land and commit #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide under total info blackout. Food aid is blocked as our families starve in the dark. The very existence of this indigenous minority of #Tigray is threatened. @POTUS @UN

2. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide & here is what’s happening: • 83% people “Food Insecure” • 50% (3.5 mill) “No Food” • No Fuel • No Banking • No Medicine • No Telecom & Electricity • Humanitarian aid BLOCKED Act NOW @UN @UNOCHA @POTUS @USUN @EUatUN @PowerUSAID #EndTigraySiege

3. "Almost 40% of Tigrayans suffer ‘extreme lack of food’", @WFP warns. Our families are starving! #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide with no end in sight. #EndTigraySiege @UN @FAODG @FAO @FAOAfrica @WFPChief @POTUS

4. As the world focuses the #UkraineWar, our families in #Tigray, Ethiopia, who face #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, remain forgotten by the IC. According to @WFP, “More than 14% of children under five and almost a two-third of pregnant and breastfeeding women are malnourished.” @UNOCHA

5. It has been a dreadful #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide where 120,000+ women and girls aged 15-49 in #Tigray have been subjected to rape, gang-rape and sexual slavery. What does it take for the @IntlCrimCourt, @UN|SC & @NATO to take concrete actions to stop the ongoing #TigrayGenocide?

6.The international community must demand an immediate restoration of all essential services, including banking, electricity, telecom, transportation and trade in #Tigray. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @StateDept @DeputySecState @AsstSecStateAF @eu_eeas @CanadaFP

7. The absence of compassion from the Int'l Community towards the suffering of #Tigray|ans has become even more evident after the #UkraineWar where a desire to stop war is selectively demonstrated towards #Ukraine, ignoring #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. @POTUS @NATO @UNPeacekeeping @UN

8. Despite #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, it’s evident that selective compassion is demonstrated by the #IC towards #Ukraine. Why can’t the @POTUS @VP @UN @NATO @UN|SC extend the same support to stop the ongoing #TigrayGenocide? Do some lives matter more than others? @hrw @UN_HRC

9. #Tigray's indigenous minority people of #Irob, face a real-life existential threat as they continue to be occupied by the invading #Eritrean army which has committed unspeakable atrocities and displaced them from their land & livelihood. @GCR2P @hrw @UN #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

10. Article 13 of the @UN Declaration states that indigenous peoples have the right to revitalize, use, develop and transmit to future generations their histories, languages & oral traditions! #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide deprived the #Irob people of those rights. @USAmbUN @USUN @EUatUN

11. It’s been #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide! The atrocities on the #Irob + #Kunama minorities of #Tigray are feared will pose even higher impact as they face the total extermination. Protect our minorities! @mbachelet @FilippoGrandi @antonioguterres @DicarloRosemary @USUN @EUatUN @UN_HRC

12. The #Irob have seen unprecedented human carnage, looting & destruction at the hands of the brutal #Eritrea|n army. Up to 13 members of a family were massacred last year, 72+ in total. The carnage continues, unabated, as we mark #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. @mbachelet @UN_HRC @UN

13.Majority of #Irob is under the illegal occupation of Eritrean forces - the same forces who committed #IrobMassacre, killing 72 + innocent civilians. The extent of crimes committed in those #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide is likely to be much higher. @USIP @USUN

14.The #TigrayGenocide has been suppressed in the news and ignored by those whose job is to promote and preserve peace. The already vulnerable people of #Irob and #Kunama face extinction due to #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide led by #Eritrean forces. Action is needed now! @USUN @StateDept

15.The first step towards justice for the #Indigenous #Tigray minorities of #Irob and #Kunama that are currently illegally occupied by #Eritrea|n forces is ending the crimes against humanity. We need the IC more than ever. @amnesty @hrw @UNHumanRights

16It's been 500 days since the #TigrayGenocide began. We've seen the IC instantaneously mobilize to rightfully support Ukrainian civilians. Yet for 500 days, the genocidal war on #Tigray persists with little support. @POTUS @VP @UN #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

17. Eritrean forces are still illegally occupying #Irob to exterminate the indigenous #Irob minority to settle old scores. Follow, amplify and support the advocacy efforts @IROBANINA that is exposing & fighting for the end of the #TigrayGenocide. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

18. For #500DaysofTigrayGenocide, #Tigrayans have been suffering in the dark with complete communication blackout. There are NO basic services like electricity, clean water, transportation, education, health & access to food. #Tigray is suffering under medieval siege. @UNHumanRights

19. From the start of the #WarOnTigray 500 days ago, the Ethiopian & Eritrean regimes have committed egregious violations of HR and IHLs. Half a million people have died so far from direct killings, famine & lack of medical care. When will the US act? @POTUS

20. #SupportHR6600! U.S residents, let your leaders know about the crimes committed against #Tigray|ans during the #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide: @RepJoeWilson @repdarrellissa @RepKinzinger @RepAnnWagner @RepBrianFitz @RepMeijer @RepMalliotakis

1.There should be free and unfettered access for food and medical supplies into #Tigray as “83% of the population is food insecure” as reported by @WFP #EndTigraySiege @POTUS @SecBlinken @UN @USAmbUN @USUN @EUatUN @NorwayUN

2.#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide means 500 days that the people of #Irob have been under #Eritrean occupation. The limited news coming from Irob has been riddled with horrific human rights violations. We ask @UN_HRC @UNHumanRights & @IntlCrimCourt to investigate now! #TigrayCantWait

3.A staggering 500,000 are estimated to have died in #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide due to killings, starvation, and lack of health care. How many Africans must die before we see the global outrage we've witnessed in response to #Ukraine? @SecBlinken @USUN @UN

4.As the world's attention has turned to #Ukraine, #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide have been unleashed by Ethiopian and Eritrean forces unimpeded. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." When will the world's compassion extend to innocent civilians in Tigray? #ICC @UNOCHA

5.The Tigrayan diaspora have awoken to news of war crimes committed against their families for the last #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide; the latest of which was a barbaric video of ethnic Tigrayans burned alive by Ethiopian armed forces. @IntlCrimCourt @UN_HRC

6.Much of the #Irob minority remain occupied by Eritrean forces since Day 1 of #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. As a minority of ~35,000 people, the #Irob face existential threat and must be protected under the #R2P. @UN|SC @USUN @EUatUN @UNOCHA @UN_HRC @StateDept

7.The already vulnerable #Irob minority has been ravaged by man-made starvation, massacres of civilians, weaponized SGBV, and destruction of critical health facilities. The int'l community must act now as the existence of #Irob is at risk after #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. @USUN @UN

8.We've seen global outcry and mobilization of the int'l community to protect the humanity of Ukrainian civilians. Yet, the world has watched the man-made famine, SGBV, and countless massacres for #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide. Does that same humanity not extend to African lives? @UN

9.Dori Asgedom, an #Irob Tigrayan & the leader of Assimba Democratic Party, has been arrested for over a year & still detained. His crime is asking for the withdrawal of the invading #Eritrean forces from Tigray. #FreeDoriAsgedom @mbachelet @KenRoth @hrw

10.For over #500DaysofTigrayGenocide, #Irob women have been facing weaponized rape & starvation by the occupying brutal #Eritrea|n forces. #UNSCActNow and remove Eritrean troops out of Tigray. @KenyaMissionUN @hrw @MinorityRights @UN_Women @amnesty @USUN @UN #Justice4TigrayWomen

11.#Irob land is under the #Eritrean occupation, the only party leader from the Irob minority, #DoriAsgedom, who would advocate against the occupation has been detained by @AbiyAhmedAli + Eritrean regimes #FreeDoriAsgedom #TigrayGenocide @hrw @LaetitiaBader @ida_sawyer @amnesty @UN

12.We mark #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide knowing 500,000 Tigrayans have been killed. While the Ethiopian & Eritrean forces along with the Amhara militias continue to occupy parts of #Tigray, the entire region continues to suffer under siege. @POTUS @StateDept @USUN

13.We mark #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide knowing 500,000 Tigrayans have been killed. While the Ethiopian & Eritrean forces along with the Amhara militias continue to occupy parts of #Tigray, the entire region continues to suffer under siege. @POTUS @StateDept

14.The international community has abandoned #Tigray - institutions like the @IntlCrimCourt took only a few days to start investigation of possible war crimes in Ukraine. Yet, after#500DaysOfTigrayGenocide, no resolution has come from the @UN|SC. @USAmbUN @USUN @EUatUN @NorwayUN

15.Much of Tigray's #Irob district still remains occupied by the genocidal #Eritrea|n army. @IROBANINA continues to receive disturbing reports of atrocities there. We reiterate our calls for an end to the impunity & the immediate withdrawal of the Eritrean army. #500DaysOfTigrayGenocide

Tuesday, March 8th, 2022 - Tweet for #Tigray

1. In #Tigray, @hrw reported "the widespread conflict-related sexual violence including rape, gang rape, sexual slavery, and torture. Sexual violence took place alongside killings of family members, beatings, and psychological violence." #IWD2022 #Justice4TigrayWomen @endrapeinwar

2. "Sexual violence—often accompanied with degrading and ethnic-based slurs—has been used as a weapon of war, particularly by #Ethiopian, #Eritrean, and #Amhara forces against #Tigrayan women and girls" @hrw reported. #IWD2022 #Justice4TigrayWomen @endrapeinwar @UNAction @USAmbUN

3. The 120k+ victims/survivors of the weaponized rape in #Tigray have not got the health and other services they need because of the destruction of the health facilities & the humanitarian aid + meds blockade by ET + ER & allies. #IWD2022 #Justice4TigrayWomen @UNAction @eu_echo

4. The conflict-related sexual violence & rape is still ongoing in the West, Northwest, & Eastern #Tigray such as #Irob by the occupying of Eritrean & Amhara forces. These areas are blockaded from media, aid, & meds from Nov 2020. #IWD2022 #Justice4TigrayWomen @UNAction @EUatUN

5. On #IWD2022, we are demanding #Justice4TigrayWomen! Women and girls in Tigray have continued to face sexual violence at the hands of the #Ethiopian, #Eritrean forces & Amhara militias. @UN_Women @unwomenafrica @endrapeinwar @UNAction

6. While the world celebrates the achievements of women, the women & girls of #Tigray are still suffering the weaponized rape & the aftermath. According to #TigrayHealth: 120k+ girls & women have been raped by the invading forces.#Justice4TigrayWomen #IWD2022 @endrapeinwar @UNAction

7. ET + ER|n forces have looted & destroyed 70% to 90% of health facilities across Tigray, leading to the collapse of the regional health infrastructure. This has deprived the women and girls of #Tigray of any basic healthcare so desperately needed. #IWD2022 @endrapeinwar

8. The #TigrayHealth report of 120k+ girls and women rape cases doesn't include the victims in places like #Irob that are still under #Eritrean occupation. #Justice4TigrayWomen #IWD2022 #EritreanTroopsOutofTigray @endrapeinwar @USGSRSGPatten @UNICEFCHIEF @PalomaUnicef @StateDept @UN

9. With the siege on #Tigray by the ET Gov, the girls & women are facing lack of STI/HIV testing & treatment forensic exams, abortion access, psychosocial support, surgeries & treatments for their physical injuries of the brutal gang rapes. #Justice4TigrayWomen #IWD2022 @UNAIDS

10. With hundreds dying daily and millions risking death in about a month time if the blockade of food + meds + fuel into #Tigray by the Ethiopian + Eritrean regimes + allies continues, immediate action is needed by the IC to save millions. @PowerUSAID @UNReliefChief #EndTigraySiege

Friday, Jan 7th, 2022 - Tweet for #Irob #Tigray

1. The #Irob minority of Tigray who never fully recovered from the devastation inflicted by Eritrean troops during the Eth-Eri war were yet again brutalized in the #IrobMassacre 1 year ago. #Irob remains occupied by Eritrean troops today #1YearIrobMassacre. @IntlCrimCourt @EUatUN

2. The @UN must uphold it's responsibility to protect the #Irob & #Kunama minorities of Tigray who face extinction due to over 1 year of #TigrayGenocide. #1YearIrobMassacre @UN4Indigenous @USUN @EUatUN

3. #Eritrean troops have continuously occupied #Irob for over a year committing massacres and devastating war crimes the full extent of which is still unknown. #1YearIrobMassacre @USUN @UN_HRC @EUatUN @StateDept @eu_echo

4. As man-made famine takes hold in Tigray, it's impossible to know how many in #Irob have already died or are dying of hunger due to #Eritrean occupation and complete blockade for over a year. #1YearIrobMassacre @UNReliefChief @WFPChief @PowerUSAID

5. #Irob Christians would be celebrating Christmas today, instead they are mourning their family ones whose lives were brutally killed in front of them by Eritrean troops. The #IrobMassacre victims and their families need justice. #1YearIrobMassacre @UN_HRC

6. For 432 days the #Irob district in Tigray has not only been in a complete comms blackout where atrocities are committed in the dark, the Eritrean troops still occupy it causing an existential threat to the vulnerable #Irob indigenous people. #1YearIrobMassacre @StateDept @USUN

7.The #Irob minority of Tigray have lost an inconceivable number of civilians during the #TigrayGenocide at the hands of Eritrean troops. How many more lives does it take for the Int’ community to step in and take action? #1YearIrobMassacre @EUparliament @SenateForeign @StateDept

8. 432 days on, #Irob is still under Eritrean forces & the entirety of Irob is under a comm blackout. The minority group is under existential threat. The IC must act to stop further atrocities being committed against the Irob minority. #1YearIrobMassacre @USUN @EUatUN @UN_HRC

9. The Irob minority in #Tigray is facing war & famine. The #Irob had barely recovered from the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean war & are now faced with an additional genocidal war that seeks to erase them with the illegal #Eritrean occupation. #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF

10. 432 days into the genocidal war, the people of Irob continue to suffer a great deal under the violent & abusive illegal occupation of the invading #Eritrean forces. @StateDept @EU_Commission @USUN @EUatUN @antonioguterres @UN_HRC #1YearIrobMassacre #EritreanTroopsOutOfTigray

11. "In one Irob village called Gamada, Eritrean forces killed countless young students and threw their bodies in the river. They then told the parents of those killed not to remove the bodies from the river." @POTUS @StateDept @UN_HRC #1YearIrobMassacre

12. Eritrean forces have occupied #Irob land since the genocidal war was waged on Tigray, in total communications blackout. Food aid is blocked, existing crops were burned or looted. When will they be removed & held accountable? #1YearIrobMassacre @VP @POTUS @StateDept @eu_eeas

13. After brutally murdering innocent people, Eritrean troops deprived their families in #Irob, #Tigray of collecting the bodies of their loved ones to bury. They deserve justice! #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @melaniejoly @JosepBorrellF @UN_HRC

14. "The Eritrean troo ps would mockingly say to the mourning parents, 'Hey, we were ordered to kill any Tigrayan above the age of 7. You are lucky we left you with some kids.” #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @melaniejoly @JosepBorrellF @USAmbUN @UN_HRC

15. The Int’l community must go beyond concerns & implement a no-fly zone to save civilians who are facing famine and daily bombardment by the #Ethiopian regime. @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @melaniejoly @USUN @EUatUN #StopBombingTigray #NoFlyZoneInTigray

16. Indiscriminate bombings are killing civilians in #Tigray, including Eritrean refugees. The int'l community has an obligation to protect these civilians and therefore must declare a #NoFlyZoneInTigray @SecBlinken @USUN @JosepBorrellF @EUatUN @NorwayUN

Friday, December 10th - Tweet for Tigray

1. There are enough evidences the crimes committed in Tigray amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide. @UN-led independent investigation is needed to investigate these crimes. @mbachelet @UN_HCR @USUN #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray

2. The EHRC’s lack of independence, impartiality, credibility, and promptness has been evident since the start of the conflict in November 2020. The EHRC is a state-appointed and state funded institution. @EUatUN @UNKenya #Justice4Tigray #HumanrightsDay

3. On #HumanRightsDay, I’m calling on @POTUS and @SecBlinken to join urgent calls for a #UN led INDEPENDENT investigation into the #TigrayGenocide. Join @amnesty @hrw @DefendDefenders @GCR2P & 28 more orgs. #Justice4Tigray

4. During the ongoing genocidal war on Tigray, the Irob minority people have seen 100s of their loves ones massacred in the most cruel ways by the Eritrean & Ethiopian forces. @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @USUN #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray

5. Like in 100s of massacre places in Tigray, the families of the #IrobMassacre victims were denied the burial of those massacred in inhumane ways. In some cases, the invading Eritrean forces burned the corpses. #Justice4Tigray! @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @EUatUN

6. There are reports from @IROBANINA that all the health clinics and schools in #Irob are completely destroyed/looted by the invading Eritrean forces during the on going war on Tigray with the approval from Ethiopia. #Justice4Tigray! @WHO @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @USAmbUN #HumanRightsDay

7. Not the 1st time that #Irob is subjected to invasion, massacre, destruction, rape & SGBV, abduction, etc. by the Eritrean forces. 2nd time! The Irob are facing existential threat & fear being erased. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @UN_HRC @USAmbUN @POTUS

8. Access to food and healthcare are being used as weapons of war in #Tigray. And #Irob has been occupied by Eritrea and blockaded for more than 400 days. Imagine how the small minority can survive this. #Justice4Tigray @UN_HRC @EUatUN @hrw #HumanRightsDay

9. "Security forces in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, ha

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