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IROB ANINA CIVIL SOCIETY (IACS) is a nonprofit certified in #Canada and operating globally. One of our objectives is advocating for Irob minority in particular and & Tigray in general.

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Friday, Jan 7th, 2022 - Tweet for #Irob #Tigray

1. The #Irob minority of Tigray who never fully recovered from the devastation inflicted by Eritrean troops during the Eth-Eri war were yet again brutalized in the #IrobMassacre 1 year ago. #Irob remains occupied by Eritrean troops today #1YearIrobMassacre. @IntlCrimCourt @EUatUN

2. The @UN must uphold it's responsibility to protect the #Irob & #Kunama minorities of Tigray who face extinction due to over 1 year of #TigrayGenocide. #1YearIrobMassacre @UN4Indigenous @USUN @EUatUN

3. #Eritrean troops have continuously occupied #Irob for over a year committing massacres and devastating war crimes the full extent of which is still unknown. #1YearIrobMassacre @USUN @UN_HRC @EUatUN @StateDept @eu_echo

4. As man-made famine takes hold in Tigray, it's impossible to know how many in #Irob have already died or are dying of hunger due to #Eritrean occupation and complete blockade for over a year. #1YearIrobMassacre @UNReliefChief @WFPChief @PowerUSAID

5. #Irob Christians would be celebrating Christmas today, instead they are mourning their family ones whose lives were brutally killed in front of them by Eritrean troops. The #IrobMassacre victims and their families need justice. #1YearIrobMassacre @UN_HRC

6. For 432 days the #Irob district in Tigray has not only been in a complete comms blackout where atrocities are committed in the dark, the Eritrean troops still occupy it causing an existential threat to the vulnerable #Irob indigenous people. #1YearIrobMassacre @StateDept @USUN

7.The #Irob minority of Tigray have lost an inconceivable number of civilians during the #TigrayGenocide at the hands of Eritrean troops. How many more lives does it take for the Int’ community to step in and take action? #1YearIrobMassacre @EUparliament @SenateForeign @StateDept

8. 432 days on, #Irob is still under Eritrean forces & the entirety of Irob is under a comm blackout. The minority group is under existential threat. The IC must act to stop further atrocities being committed against the Irob minority. #1YearIrobMassacre @USUN @EUatUN @UN_HRC

9. The Irob minority in #Tigray is facing war & famine. The #Irob had barely recovered from the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean war & are now faced with an additional genocidal war that seeks to erase them with the illegal #Eritrean occupation. #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF

10. 432 days into the genocidal war, the people of Irob continue to suffer a great deal under the violent & abusive illegal occupation of the invading #Eritrean forces. @StateDept @EU_Commission @USUN @EUatUN @antonioguterres @UN_HRC #1YearIrobMassacre #EritreanTroopsOutOfTigray

11. "In one Irob village called Gamada, Eritrean forces killed countless young students and threw their bodies in the river. They then told the parents of those killed not to remove the bodies from the river." @POTUS @StateDept @UN_HRC #1YearIrobMassacre

12. Eritrean forces have occupied #Irob land since the genocidal war was waged on Tigray, in total communications blackout. Food aid is blocked, existing crops were burned or looted. When will they be removed & held accountable? #1YearIrobMassacre @VP @POTUS @StateDept @eu_eeas

13. After brutally murdering innocent people, Eritrean troops deprived their families in #Irob, #Tigray of collecting the bodies of their loved ones to bury. They deserve justice! #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @melaniejoly @JosepBorrellF @UN_HRC

14. "The Eritrean troo ps would mockingly say to the mourning parents, 'Hey, we were ordered to kill any Tigrayan above the age of 7. You are lucky we left you with some kids.” #1YearIrobMassacre @SecBlinken @melaniejoly @JosepBorrellF @USAmbUN @UN_HRC

15. The Int’l community must go beyond concerns & implement a no-fly zone to save civilians who are facing famine and daily bombardment by the #Ethiopian regime. @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @melaniejoly @USUN @EUatUN #StopBombingTigray #NoFlyZoneInTigray

16. Indiscriminate bombings are killing civilians in #Tigray, including Eritrean refugees. The int'l community has an obligation to protect these civilians and therefore must declare a #NoFlyZoneInTigray @SecBlinken @USUN @JosepBorrellF @EUatUN @NorwayUN

Friday, December 10th - Tweet for Tigray

1. There are enough evidences the crimes committed in Tigray amount to war crimes, crimes against humanity and acts of genocide. @UN-led independent investigation is needed to investigate these crimes. @mbachelet @UN_HCR @USUN #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray

2. The EHRC’s lack of independence, impartiality, credibility, and promptness has been evident since the start of the conflict in November 2020. The EHRC is a state-appointed and state funded institution. @EUatUN @UNKenya #Justice4Tigray #HumanrightsDay

3. On #HumanRightsDay, I’m calling on @POTUS and @SecBlinken to join urgent calls for a #UN led INDEPENDENT investigation into the #TigrayGenocide. Join @amnesty @hrw @DefendDefenders @GCR2P & 28 more orgs. #Justice4Tigray

4. During the ongoing genocidal war on Tigray, the Irob minority people have seen 100s of their loves ones massacred in the most cruel ways by the Eritrean & Ethiopian forces. @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @USUN #HumanRightsDay #Justice4Tigray

5. Like in 100s of massacre places in Tigray, the families of the #IrobMassacre victims were denied the burial of those massacred in inhumane ways. In some cases, the invading Eritrean forces burned the corpses. #Justice4Tigray! @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @EUatUN

6. There are reports from @IROBANINA that all the health clinics and schools in #Irob are completely destroyed/looted by the invading Eritrean forces during the on going war on Tigray with the approval from Ethiopia. #Justice4Tigray! @WHO @UN_HRC @mbcharlet @USAmbUN #HumanRightsDay

7. Not the 1st time that #Irob is subjected to invasion, massacre, destruction, rape & SGBV, abduction, etc. by the Eritrean forces. 2nd time! The Irob are facing existential threat & fear being erased. #Justice4Tigray #HumanRightsDay @UN_HRC @USAmbUN @POTUS

8. Access to food and healthcare are being used as weapons of war in #Tigray. And #Irob has been occupied by Eritrea and blockaded for more than 400 days. Imagine how the small minority can survive this. #Justice4Tigray @UN_HRC @EUatUN @hrw #HumanRightsDay

9. "Security forces in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, have targeted Tigrayans, including children and older persons, with arbitrary arrests and mass detentions as part of an escalating crackdown.." @amnesty On this #HumanRightsDay, @UN_HRC & IC must end this. #Justice4Tigray

10. The Ethiopian genocidal regime has been targeting civilians & civilians targets with air strikes & drones in Tigray with civilian causalities & destructions. These war crimes must stop immediately. #Justice4Tigray @StateDept @eu_eeas #HumanRightsDay

Wednesday, November 4th - Tweet for Tigray

1. It has been 365 days of int'l community providing a lip service of only 'concern's with little tangible actions while it watched civilians massacred in Tigray by Ethiopian, Eritrean, & Amhara genocidal forces. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @StateDept @SecBilnken @POTUS

2. For 365 days, the world has witnessed Tigrayan civilians get massacred, women & girls gang raped, & healthcare facilities destroyed. What does it take for the int'l community to #CallItAGenocide and bring @AbiyAhmedAli & allies to justice. @EU_Commission @eu_eeas @unwomenchief

3. In addition to 5.2 million Tigrayans in need of emergency food aid all while 90%+ of harvest lost to looting, burning and air raids, @AbiyAhmedAli continues bombing cities in Tigray. #CallItAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @mbachelet @NadaNashif @yousufsyedkhan @yousufsyedkhan

4. “They arrested me from the street because I spoke Tigrinya”. Tigrayans are being targeted both in & out of Tigray. Ethiopia gov't has made it clear that its war is against an entire ethnic group. #CallItAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @EUatUN @USUN @UN

5. “The #Irob district has effectively been annexed by Eritrea” where atrocities are committed for 365 days. We demand a verified withdrawal of Eritrean troops from every part of Tigray. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @UN4Indigenous @EU_Commission @JosepBorrellF

6. For #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, the #Irob district has not only been in a complete comm. blackout where atrocities are committed in the dark. This vulnerable indigenous minority is still occupied by the Eritrean troops causing an existential threat to them. @UN4Indigenous @USUN @UN

7. For 365 days, Ethiopia has been targeting civilians all over Tigray without being held accountable. Sanction Ethiopia now! #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @CanadianPM @JustinTrudeau @CanadaFP @melaniejoly @GAC_Corporate @LPCBC

8. Women & children have suffered rape, torture, & sexual slavery during #1YearOfTigrayGenocide by Ethiopian & Eritrean forces. How are the women in leadership not outraged by this? ACT @unwomenchief @vonderleyen @JuttaUrpilainen @PalomaUnicef @mbachelet

9. “They dragged him outside & burned him in a fire..I was alone. After they killed him, they raped me. They took everything I had” #CallItAGenocide #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @ngos4justice @GenPrev @ICJ_org @CJA_News @just_security @TheDocket @TheSentry_Org

10. The Irob minority of Tigray have lost unimaginable number of civilians during #1YearOfTigrayGenocide in the hands of Eritrean invaders. How many more lives does it take for the Int’l community to intervene?@UN_GP_RtoP @UKUN_NewYork @SecBlinken @mbachelet

1. It’s been #1YearOfTigrayGenocide + the attacks on the #Irob + #Kunama minority groups are concerning bc they run the increased risk of extermination. The #WarOnTigray in itself aims to destroy the entirety of #Tigray but the systemic attacks are acts to erase both groups. @USUN

2. Irob + Kunama are minorities in Tigray. They are facing some of the worst atrocities in a bid to exterminate them. The Irob minority had barely recovered from the border war with Eritrea & is now faced with an additional war that seeks to erase them. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @USUN

3. Irob Minority is under the illegal occupation of Eritrean forces. Irob has faced continued attacks from the Eritrean military - it’s a vicious cycle of abuse + destruction committed by an army intent on exterminating the min. group. #IrobMassacre #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @USUN @UN

4. A year on and Irob is under total control of Eritrean forces. The entirety of Irob is under a comms black out. The minority group is under existential threat. The world must recognise the atrocities committed against the Irob minority. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide @hrw @EU_Commission

5. The Irob are a minority with in a minority; their existence is at a threat since Eritrean troops have occupied their land and massacred families! There is intent to genocide on the ethnic group. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @MarshadeCordova @CarolineLucas

6. The Irob people have been tormented; their homes looted, their children killed. They’re living under Eritrean forces, starving to death. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @MarshadeCordova @CarolineLucas

7. The horrific massacres of the people of Tigray by the genocidal Ethiopian and Eritrean regimes have been going on 365 days. Yet the Int'l community remained silent or has taken little actions to stop them. #1YearOfTigrayGenocide #CallItAGenocide @USAMBUN @SecBlinken @EUatUN

8. With #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, the humanitarian crisis in Tigray is growing worse by the day. Up to 7 million people are in urgent need of food and over 1million are in man-made famine. #EndTigraySiege by Ethiopia. #TigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF

9. For #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, the Irob minority people in Tigray have been under the occupation of #Eritrean forces since the start of the genocidal war on Tigray and are being massacred and facing an existential threat. @EUatUN @CSORG @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF

10. With #1YearOfTigrayGenocide, Tigrayans are being targeted for their ethnicity and arbitrarily arrested en mass by the #AbiyAhmed regime all over Ethiopia. #TigrayGenocide #CallitAGenocide @SecBlinken @JosepBorrellF @UNOSAPG @IntlCrimCourt

Saturday, October 23 - Tweet for Tigray

1. The @UN SC must declare a no-fly zone in Tigray and hold @AbiyAhmedAli & his allies accountable for their crimes. @Niger_ONU @PmTunisia @UNOSAPG #NoFlyZoneInTigray #StopBombingTigray

2. Indiscriminately bombing a city of ~1M people that is giving refuge to thousands of IDPs can only have one objective: Destruction of Tigray & extermination of the people of #Tigray. The IC must end #TigrayGenocide & must instate a #NoFlyZoneInTigray. @USNATO @JoeBiden @G7 @NATO

3. The Int’l community must go beyond concerns & institute a #NoFlyZoneInTigray to save civilians who are facing famine and daily bombs. #StopBombingTigray @RepGusBilirakis @WHCOS @USUN @UN

4. For the 7th time in 1 week #Tigray’s capital is bombed targeting civilians. This is war crime & must be met with a deserving response. IC's inaction to date has given all the reasons for @AbiyAhmedAli to continue his genocidal campaign. #NoFlyZoneInTigray @eu_eeas @StateDept

5. "This is not a ceasefire, it's a siege and starvation is being used as a weapon of war," warned @JanezLenarcic in July. Due to the IC’s inaction, Ethiopian gov’t continues to starve millions and now daily bombing civilians. #StopBombingTigray @dreynders @vestager @franceonu

6. Eritrean soldiers are deliberately causing famine by destroying crops, looting & blocking aid. Remote parts of Tigray such as #Irob are at higher risks. The Int'l community must ACT now to save lives. #StopBombingTigray @nouripour @EUSR_Weber @UNOCHA

7. In addition to bombing civilians daily, @AbiyAhmedAli is starving Tigray by - impeding access to aid trucks & fuel - destroying bridges & blocking roads - harassing aid workers #StopBombingTigray @JosepBorrellF @luigidimaio @MarinaSereni @MAZappia

8. Deliberate acts of violence on civilians violate international law. Aerial bombardments of civilians in Tigray this week are war crimes. It's time to instate #NoFlyZoneInTigray. @SecBlinken @IntlCrimCourt @KarimKhanQC @JuttaUrpilainen @UNOSAPG

1. .@AbiyAhmedAli has vowed to continue airstrikes on Tigray. Civilians are being targeted. Credible sources say he is sending more bombers. #Canada shouldn’t be complicit by remaining silent and continuing to support the genocidal regime. @MarcGarneau @CanadaFP #NoFlyZoneInTigray

2. .@UN has failed to stop #TigrayGenoicde & #TigrayFamine for ~1yr & the world powers only expressed their concerns and offered condemnations that haven't helped either. IC's inaction is now enabling the #Eth|n regime to bomb Tigray. #NoFlyZoneInTigray @G7

3. Continuous airstrikes by the genocidal regime of @PMEthiopia interrupted aid agencies from flying to #Tigray with life-saving supplies. The #US & #EU must declare & enforce #NoFlyZoneInTigray. @POTUS @SecBlinken @USAmbUN @JosepBorrellF @eu_eeas @NATO

4. #Ethiopian regime bombed #Mekelle 7 times in 4 days this week while starving #Tigray by blockading aid + med + fuel. Civilians are targeted! It’s critical that a #NoFlyZoneInTigray is enforced. #StopBombingTigray @antonioguterres @StateDept @eu_eeas @ABlinken @JanezLenarcic @UN

5. With #Ethiopia uprooting/destroying itself (very likely beyond repairs) from the core by waging the genocidal war on #Tigray and the whole region left in disarray, #US working with #Kenya for a new era of cooperation with the African continent & the horn can only be expected.


Previous Tweets - TWEET FOR #IROB & #TIGRAY

1. 6.8M people in Tigray need emergency food aid 900k civilians are in famine conditions 80% of the livestock looted. 90% of the harvest looted or burned #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @EU_Commission

2. In addition to weaponized rape, massacres, looting & destruction of infrastructures, weaponized starvation is one of @AbiyAhmedAli's genocidal strategy. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @xhacka_olta @mubachfont @AraratMirzoyan @ebphilipp

3. This is not a ceasefire, it's a siege and starvation is being used as a weapon of war," warned @JanezLenarcic. #EUActNow to stop Ethiopian gov’t starving Tigray #StopTigrayFamine @AnzeLog @AnnLinde @SwissMFA @MevlutCavusoglu @MFATurkey

4. According to the @UN, more than 400,000k people in Tigray are at risk of the worst famine in decades and 1.8 million people are on the brink. #EUActNow to end #StopTigrayFamine @AnzeLog @AnnLinde @SwissMFA @MevlutCavusoglu @GudlaugurThor

5. Children should never be subjected to weaponized starvation. #EUActNow, to #StopTigrayFamine and bring @AbiyAhmedAli and Isaias Afwerki’s to justice for a war crime. @mubachfont @AraratMirzoyan @ebphilipp @bayramov_jeyhun @Sophie_Wilmes @MFABulgaria @grlicradman

6. In addition to weaponized rape, massacres, looting & destruction of infrastructures, weaponized starvation is one of @AbiyAhmedAli's genocidal strategy. #EUActNow #StopTigrayFamine @xhacka_olta @mubachfont @AraratMirzoyan @ebphilipp

7..#EUActNow to save the lives of millions of people living under the existential threat of looming famine & countless massacres enabled by @AbiyAhmedAli. ACT NOW to #StopTigrayFamine before it's too late. @JanezLenarcic @MarosSefcovic @eucopresident

8. Tigray has been facing: ⊕Siege (humanitarian blockade) ⊕Total communication blackout ⊕No electricity ????No banking services (lack of cash) ????Severe fuel shortage #EUActNow to put an end to #StopTigrayFamine @ebphilipp @Christodulides @EUSR_Weber

9. .#Tigray, with an estimated population of 6 million people, has now been under a de-facto blockade for almost a year. Aid is not arriving at anywhere close to the levels needed, and services remain cut off. #EUActNow #StopTigrayfamine @Haavisto @simoncoveney @NorwayMFA

10. In Tigray, more than 90 percent of the population needs food aid, and an estimated 400,000 people are living in famine-like conditions, based on the latest UN analysis. #EUActNow #StopTigrayfamine @EUCouncil @hrw

11. ⊕11+ months of Eritrean occupation ⊕11+ months of communication blackout ⊕11+ months of starvation The #Irob minority of Tigray face existential threat as Ethiopia deliberately starves millions of its own #TigrayFamine @UNReliefChief @VP

12. Eritrean troops have occupied #Irob land for almost a year now, in total blackout. Food aid has been blocked, aid truck drivers harassed at checkpoints. our families are starving in the dark. #StopTigrayFamine @luigidimaio @lauraboldrini @emanuelefiano

13. In Tigray "Malnutrition rates are ~ 30% for children under the age of 5 & ~ 80% for pregnant + breastfeeding women." However, we anticipate the numbers to be much worst among the remote #Irob minority. #StopTigrayFamine @PlanGermany @EU_Commission @UN

14. "It became normal to spend four days eating nothing." as the int'l community remains silent and inactive people are perishing due to hunger specially in remote parts of #Irob. #StopTigrayFamine, bring @AbiyAhmedAli & his allies to justice @IntlCrimCourt.

15. The man-made famine in Tigray has threatened the lives of the entire popul. Minority communities who remain unreachable are at greater risk of extermination. The IC must end the #TigrayGenocide to protect minorities and their existence! #StopTigrayFamine @UKMissionGeneva @UN

16. The man-made famine in Tigray has threatened the lives of the entire popul. Minority communities who remain unreachable are at greater risk of extermination. The IC must end the #TigrayGenocide to protect minorities and their existence! #StopTigrayFamine @UKMissionGeneva @UN

17. Bordering Eritrea, the Irob people are especially at risk of extinction as they are a minority within a minority. The massacres carried out by Eritrean forces + the blockage of aid is detrimental to their entire existence. #IrobMassacre #StopTigrayFamine @UN_HRC @hrw @UNOCHA

18. In Early May @aljazeera reported ‘The Irob…bordering Eritrea, face an existential crisis in addition to humanitarian suffering caused by ongoing conflict’. 5 months later mass atrocities cont.+ many are starving to death @UNOCHA @UN_HRC #StopTigrayFamine

19. Places in Tigray where limited aid has reached, we’ve seen how dire the humanitarian crisis is. The places that are unreachable + also consist of minorities, such as Irob, are in higher risk of extinction as aid remains restricted @UNOCHA @TomWoodroffeUK #StopTigrayFamine

20..@IROBANINA is #Canadian certified, globally operating non-profit advocacy exposing the current atrocities of #TigrayGenocide, particularly in #Irob. Make sure to give them a follow.

1..@UN must provide protection for the minorities in Tigray such as the #Irob people. The mass atrocities being carried out by the invading forces is threatening their entire existence! Foreign forces MUST be ordered to leave immediately #IrobMassacre @UN_HRC @IntlCrimCourt @hrw

2. With #Tigray being a minority in #Ethiopia and on the verge of extinction, the effects on minority groups within Tigray such as the #Irob is immense. Eritrean troops have carried out mass massacres and indiscriminate shelling on civilians. #IrobMassacre @hrw @UNHumanRights @UN

3.The #Irob and #Kunama are minority groups within a minority. The ongoing conflict in #Tigray aims to erase both groups. The future existence of these minorities has to be an issue of importance for the @EUnionCouncil. #IrobMassacre @UNHumanRights @IWGIA

4.The #Irob district has been largely inaccessible due to the communications blackout. @martinplaut said “The Irob district has effectively been annexed by Eritrea.” #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @TheCWIS @UN4Indigenous @UKUN_NewYork

5. Minorities in #Tigray are under existential threat, being a minority within a minority. Located by the Eritrean border, invading troops entered Tigray via Irob, massacring + torturing many. The IC MUST force all Eritrean troops to leave! @vickyford @UKMissionGeneva #IrobMassacre

6. As the mass atrocities continue to worsen in Tigray, minorities are at increased existential threat. Time is of the essence for communities such as the Irob people, all foreign forces MUST be pushed to leave immediately! @hrw @UN_HRC @MinorityRights @IntlCrimCourt #TigrayGenocide

7. It is imperative that minorities within Tigray receive protection as the threat on their existence is critical! Communities such as the Irob have had their homes ravaged, loved ones killed or tortured + some IDP’s fleeing their homes in hopes of safety! #TigrayGenocide @UN_HRC

8. With reports of #AbiyAhmed’s final offensive attack on Tigray, the effects this will have on minority communities is unthinkable! The IC must protect minorities & urgently order the verified withdrawal of ALL invading forces! #TigrayGenocide @UN_HRC @IntlCrimCourt @BWoodward_UN

9. The Irob are a minority in #Tigray - the last census indicates its population at 30,000. The #WarOnTigray seeks to cause irreversible damage to the minority group. The IC has effectively ignored the plight of this minority group. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @vickyford

10. There has been limited coverage on the status of the Irob - a minority group in #Tigray. The group has historically faced the brunt of conflict with Eritrean forces. The cycle of abuse has reached its peak with the #WarOnTigray. @vickyford @BWoodward_UN

11. The UN and other international bodies have a responsibility to safeguard vulnerable communities esp those caught in the midst of a genocidal war - they must stand with minority groups in #Tigray. #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UNGeneva @mbachelet

12. Eritrean troops have occupied #Irob land for almost a year now, in total blackout. Food aid has been blocked, aid truck drivers harassed at checkpoints. our families are starving in the dark. #StopTigrayFamine @luigidimaio @lauraboldrini @emanuelefiano

13. Irob + Kunama indigenous vulnerable minorities of #Tigray are in eminent threat during this ongoing #TigrayGenocide, deprived of BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS: food, medical, banking, electricity & telecom. #AirDropFoodToTigray. @JosepBorrellF @USAmbUN @WFP

14. Merhawit's father was abducted by #Eritrean army in 1998 along the 97+ #Irob civilians whose whereabouts is NOT known. Merhawit grew up without her father. Now #Eritrean army came back & killed her husband. Intergenerational trauma! #TigrayGenocide

15. The Irob people of Tigray are geographically vulnerable, residing along the now unprotected Ethio-Eritrean border. Eritrean troops looted & burnt properties, livestock, crops, & homes. Irob civilians continue to be massacred, kidnapped, raped, and starved @Haavisto @EUCouncil

16. "The Eritrean army would mockingly say to the mourning parents, 'Hey, we were ordered to kill any Tigrayan above the age of 7. You are lucky we left you with some kids.'" #IrobMassacre #TigrayGenocide @UNHumanRights @UN_HRC @hrw

17. The technology has removed barriers of geography which means #Tigray|ans worldwide can collaborate on projects, amplify the voices for the vulnerable & tackle projects. @IROBANINA operates globally and fights for the people of #Irob and #Tigray. Please follow them.